Trina Michaels



If you like busty tan babes with a nice set of tits then you will love Trina Michaels porn films.  She has no tan lines.  In this picture you can see her nipples and you immediately notice that her doctor did a good job with her augmentation. She has sex appeal.  We love her little tat right on her hip. Her long hair flows over her shoulders as she rides a guys cock.  He has on a condom but she doesn’t seem to mind.  In fact maybe she prefers that as she looks like she is really getting pleased.

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Sara Stone



Sara Stone has been around for a long time.  She is known as one of the hardest working big tit natural boob models in the businesses.  A true professional who has transitioned into being a leading busty milf actress.  Her boobs are legendary and the kind of thing that dreams are made from. Here she lays on her back with a red dildo between her legs.  Solo masturbation has never been so fun until you get a glimpse of her amazing natural breasts.  She likes to keep it classy performing on a satin bed spread in an upscale bedroom.

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Lexxi Tyler



I admit that I am not familiar with Lexxi Tyler. But I like my porn girls to be busty and blonde and she has that in spades.  Her long straight blonde hair is simply perfect.  Her breasts are full and round the kind of thing that you can dig your hands into.  Or something else. wink wink.  She sits showing them off and at the same time spreads her pink pussy lips for the world to see. That is our kind of girl.  The kind of stuff that makes Dcup one of the classic mens magazines for decades.


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Hailey Heart



This photo looks like a classic.  Judging from the hair style this is probably late 80’s early 90’s.  Even if it is not, you can’t deny that it is poofy that was commonly worn in that time period.  And it shouldn’t surprise anyone that dcup has older images because they have been doing this stuff for decades. Haily is covering up just a little.  A classic pinup shot from the late 80’s.  She shows us some pink.  It’s kind of an opps shot. The first thing that comes to mind is this is a beach babe maybe in Miami.  The kind of girl we would expect to see walking on the beach during an episode of Miami Vice

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Naomi Knight



Another retro looking photoset of the beautiful Naomi Knight. She is completely naked with just high heals on her feet and an arty necklace around her neck. Just one tattoo is visible on the top on her foot.  Her tan is perfect with no lines. Behind her are some plants that look to be artificial.  Not that we care that they added some production value to the photos. All we care about is that this hot babe is naked and giving us a full frontal. One suggestion is that she doesn’t cover her boobs so much with her long blonde hair.

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Steliana is getting pounded by a guy who might not have a huge cock but her is in a good position to penetrate her all the way.  She holds her boobs with both her hands and looks like she is in ecstasy enjoying her sex.  Her feet with sexy shoes straddle the guy and he stands over her pounding her. The guy looks like he might be pretty strong although if he works out he doesn’t do extra leg exercises.  He might be runner.  All we need to know is that she is enjoying every minute of it.

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Renae Cruz



Renae Cruz has turned up on a lot of top sites over the years.  She is that amazing fiery hot latin babe.  She has long sexy black hair and latino skin.  Everything about her is perfect even her nails looks great. Good latin porn usually features doggy style.  The reason we say that is because these girls have curves and are known for having a great butt.  And to show off that butt the best way is to film them getting it from behind.  Girls love that position and it works great for this type of porn.

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Jessica M


This is actually a very popular fetish.  Doctor nurse porn works great for those porn sites that want to add a little more to the concept.  I personally have never had a hot nurse.  I don’t get sick much. I had a broken knee once and the nurses where just terrible.  I mean mean nun types that did nothing but make you go limp.  This stuff with Jessica doesn’t not suffer the same fate. Her boobs are so big she has to hold them up to show them off properly.  She also shows us a nicely shaved beaver.  Perfect for those days when you are under the weather.


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Dolly Arafat



Dolly Arafat is a great kept secret.  She has a really great set of big tits.  As someone who does a lot of adult blogs I can safely say that she is the ideal example of the point that you can label big tits.  You see a lot of porn that use the term big tits loosely but Dolly is clearly certifiable when it comes to boob size. She is not fully nude.  Her black top is pulled down so she can have sex.  Maybe it was a dress that he pulled up and then she helped us out by pulling it down to reveal her best asset.


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Veronica Rayne



I once shot a solo girl scene and I did it very similar.  I had her on the floor and I shoot from above with her long hair flowing.  I had her completely naked so you could get a good view of her masturbating.  The key to getting the shot right is to have her hold her legs open from under neath. She has a smirk on her face she must know that everyone who sees this is going to enjoy it. You have to wonder with another tan model if they air brush tan the girls before they perform.

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